Two Turrets, de Cordova Sculpture Park and Museums, 2019-2020; Artist: Leeza Meksin

Nina Simone: Four Women, Merrimack Repertory Theatre, 2020 Directed by Kenneth L. Roberson, Scenic Design by Christopher Rhoton, Lighting Design by Lee Fiskness, Costume Design by Michael Alan Stein
Common Conscience, de Cordova Sculpture Park and Museum, 2020-2021 Artist: Anna Craycroft
Servant of Two Masters, The Modern Theatre, Boston, 2015 Directed by Caitlin Langstaff, Scenic Design by Richard Chambers, Lighting Design by Steven McIntosh, Costume Design by Emily Woods Hogue; Photo Credit: Richard Gray
A New Brain, Plaza Theatre at the Boston Center for the Arts, 2013 Directed and Scenic Design by Allison Olivia Choat, Lighting Design by Jeffrey Salzberg; Photo Credit: Jeffrey Salzberg
Going to See the Kid, Merrimack Repertory Theatre, 2016 Directed by Alexander Greenfield, Scenic Design by Jason Sherwood, Lighting Design by Brian J. Lilienthal, Costume Design by Stephanie Levin; Photo Credit: Richard Gray
Dusk Rings a Bell, Merrimack Repertory Theatre, 2014 Directed by Michael Bloom, Scenic Design by Wilson Chin, Lighting Design by Jeff Adelberg, Costume Design by Deborah Newhall; Photo Credit: Richard Gray
The Exceptionals, Merrimack Repertory Theatre, 2011 Directed by Charles Towers, Scenic Design by Judy Gailen, Lighting Design by Brian Lilienthal, Costume Design by Deborah Newhall;
Orphans, Seacoast Repertory Theatre, 2011 Directed by Chase Bailey, Scenic Design by Melissa Shakun, Lighting Design by Victoria Miller, Costume Design by Rick Silja; Photo Credit: Richard Gray
Richard, co-Founder and CEO, doing some brickwork
Becki, co-Founder and CFO, teaching a new generation of fabricators at a Girl Scout outreach event


About Us

A mom-and-pop fabrication shop, specializing in custom production for the art, museum, and theatrical spheres.


BeNT maintains the equipment and know-how to work in a variety of construction mediums, from fabric and foam to wood and steel, and many things in between.

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